Utilizing Telehealth Technologies Webinar Series
Session 1 - Friday, July 17, 2020 | 11 am MT/ 12pm CT
Session 1 will focus on integrated behavioral health care as a service. It will include an overview of the spectrum of integrated care services and a discussion of ways to improve screening, referral rates, efficiency, and effectiveness of these vital programs.

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Utilizing Telehealth Technologies Webinar Series
Session 2 - Friday, July 24, 2020 | 11 am MT/ 12pm CT
In Session 2, presenters will provide examples of how telehealth technologies can be used to simplify and streamline procedures like handoffs, referrals, case reviews, and other critical parts of an integrated care program.

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Save the Date - Supervisor Leadership Training Webinar Series
True Colors Personal Success Workshop (3 hours) - September 02, 2020 | Time TBD

This interactive, energizing seminar will guide participants through the True Colors foundational experience. Practical and useful activities apply True Colors concepts to both personal and professional lives. Understanding the similarities and differences of all people leads to developing improved communication skills, a greater appreciation of the uniqueness of self and others, and more meaningful relationships.

Participants will:

  • Apply insights from the True Colors assessment to identify learning and communication styles in self and others;
  • Acquire new communication skills to improve daily interactions with others; and,
  • Address conflict in their organization with a more individualized approach based on the parties involved.
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