Supporting the work and mission of community health centers and protecting access to health care for all South Dakotans are principles at the center of CHAD’s advocacy efforts. Our team works closely with member health centers and health care partners across South Dakota to monitor legislation, develop policy priorities, and engage lawmakers and other state and local officials. CHAD is committed to ensuring that CHCs and their patients are represented throughout the policymaking process.


    South Dakota’s legislature meets annually in Pierre. The 2021 legislative session will
on January 12, 2021. During the session, CHAD will monitor health care-related
    legislation while 
supporting and promoting three key policy priorities:
    • Medicaid Expansion in South Dakota
    • Workforce - Student Loan Repayment
      • Increase funding for the Recruitment Assistance Program by directing the Department of Health to apply for up to $1 million

        federal matching dollars when they become available in 2022 and giving them the authority to use state funds to provide the
        local match. This could double the reach and impact of the program.

      • Allow automatic qualification for the program for CHCs and increase the size of communities eligible for recruitment support;

      • Reconsider the level of community matching funds required. For many communities they are currently out of reach.

      •  Increase the slots for Advanced Practice Providers; and,

      • Consider adding certain behavioral health positions given the shortages the state faces in those areas.

    • Workforce - Optimal Team Practice Legislation giving Physician's Assistants more flexibility to practice in our state. 



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Legislative Session Begins January 12, 2021