CHAD’s outreach and enrollment program provides support for developing, implementing and enhancing outreach and enrollment efforts through the use of technology, training and development of best practices. A network of Certified Application Counselors (CACs) from member community health centers, Navigator grantees, and other local, state and federal partners collaborate to enhance health insurance enrollment and retention of coverage for all Dakotans.

As part of ongoing efforts to support outreach and enrollment, CHAD provides consulting services to its members relative to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Health Insurance Marketplace. These services can be utilized to provide specific information in the areas of insurance, legal and tax issues and to provide input regarding complex issues and questions.

CHAD works with state and federal partners to provide CACs with timely and accurate information regarding the ACA, and regulatory and policy information. Training and technical assistance are available to CHCs covering the following areas:

   • Affordable Care Act
   • Get Covered North Dakota Initiative -
   • Get Covered South Dakota Initiative -
   • Educational and awareness outreach materials
   • Health Insurance Marketplace
   • Partnerships
   • Reporting
   • Media Relations
   • Relationship development with community organizations
   • State summits

Jill Kesler
Program Manager
605-275-2423 ext. 13
[email protected]