As primary care providers and trusted members of their communities, health centers need to be prepared to respond to emergency and disaster situations in the event they are called upon for medical care and other support services, as well as to ensure the continuity of operations for their clinics. CHCs need to assess vulnerability, create an emergency preparedness plan, train staff and evaluate response with drills and exercises, and connect with local emergency management and community partners to identify resources and establish action plans before an emergency or disaster occurs.

CHAD has the resources to support CHCs in developing a federally-compliant plan that will guide them in sustaining critical operations and services in the event of an emergency or disaster. CHAD can provide other key services, including

              • Liaison to state and regional partners
              • Tools and resources for developing federally-compliant plans
              • Emergency preparedness information and updates
              • Training and education opportunities

Health Centers can access emergency care packages in bulk from Direct Relief and AmeriCares, who are philanthropic organizations dedicated to providing health centers with immediate assistance, including cash assistance, medical supplies, personal toiletries, and pharmaceutical products.

For local assistance in response to an EMERGENCY in your county, click below:
ND County Emergency Managers
SD County Emergency Managers




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