The GPHDN leadership committee is comprised of a representative from each participating health center. The committee will provide oversight, assure successful implementation and ongoing success of the program. The members will work to build and strengthen GPHDN in a variety of ways: 

• Ensure GPHDN is in compliance with grant requirements; 
• Share their perspective in areas of expertise and provide assistance to supporting participating health centers; 
• Support staff to maximize effectiveness and achievement of GPHDN goals and outcomes;  
• Provide strategic guidance on future direction of GPHDN, as funding opportunities evolve;  
• Monitor progress of the GPHDN; and,  
• Report program and financial status to the Board.  

Chastity Dolbec
Committee Member
Coal Country Community Health Center

Amanda Ferguson
Committee Member
Community Health Center of the Black Hills

Kaylin Frappier
Committee Member
Family Health Care

 Scott Weatherill
Committee Chair
Horizon Health Care, Inc

 David Aas
Committee Member
Northland Health Centers

David Squires
Committee Member
Northland Community Health Centers
Tim Buchin

Committee Member
Spectra Health

Scott Cheney

Committee Member

Amy Richardson
Committee Member
Falls Community Health
April Gindulis

Committee Member
Community Health Center of Central WY

Collette Mild
Committee Member
Heritage Health Center 
Will Weiser
Committee Member
Heritage Health Center