ECQIP Your Team for Sustainable Quality Improvement

If you're tired of stand-alone quality improvement trainings that don't improve patient outcomes, it's time to ECQIP yourself. If you're looking for ways to engage a leadership team with your organization in support of sustainable change, it's time to ECQIP yourself.  

What is ECQIP?

altECQIP stands for ECHO/Collaborative Quality Improvement Project. ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a proven model for interactive distance learning. Collaboratives are a proven approach to supporting multiple organizations in implementing sustainable quality improvements. The ECQIP model will bring together two proven models for distance learning and process improvement – ECHO and the Collaborative Model for Improvement. The aim of this project is to assist participating health centers to reach their self-determined quality improvement goal(s) by December 2018.

ECQIP Will Jump-Start Your Quality Improvement Efforts

ECQIP contains several elements that are critical for successful quality improvement efforts:

  • Sustained effort to improve a specific measure over time
  • Regular monitoring of that measure to assess the impact of practice changes
  • A change model that is consistently applied and widely understood
  • A team-based approach where everyone knows their role
  • A process-oriented approach that analyzes all elements of a patient visit and other patient contacts
  • A power in learning and improving together, across health centers