CHC Benefits

In addition to federal grant support, Community Health Centers (CHCs) receive many other benefits including:

  1. Access to additional federal grant funds to support:
    1. Expansions (adding dental, mental health and pharmacy services, satellite clinics, etc.)
    2. Capital improvements
  2. Access to Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA) Coverage
    1. Permits health centers, officers and staff to be "Federal Employees” for purpose of medical malpractice
    2. Covers medical, surgical, dental & related activities (within the scope of employment & federally approve scope of project)
  3. Enhanced Medicare Reimbursement
    1. Access to "first dollar” reimbursement of services rendered to Medicare beneficiaries (deductible is waived)
    2. Reimbursed per encounter based on costs (Medicare Cost Report)
    3. Reimbursed fee-for-service for diagnostics and radiology
  4. Enhanced Medicaid Reimbursement / Prospective Payment System (PPS)
    1. Reimbursed based on costs reported on Medicare Cost Report
    2. Each state develops its own methodology to adjust costs reported to Medicare
    3. Rates established and agreed to by health centers
    4. Rates increased annually based on Medicare Economic (inflation) Index (MEI)
  5. Access to National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Providers
    1. NHSC providers receive educational loan repayment benefits if they agree to serve in an underserved area for at least two years
    2. NHSC providers may be MDs, mid-level providers, dentists, behavioral health providers(psychiatry, psychology)
    3. Accessible if health center's service area is designated a Health Professional Shortage Area ("HPSA”) and meet score criteria
  6. Access to Discounted Pharmaceuticals
    1. Vaccines for Children Program
    2. Access to favorable drug pricing under Section 340B of the PHS Act
    3. Eligible to participate in the Pfizer Sharing the Care Program – dispenses free meds to qualified patients through federally qualified health center (FQHC) pharmacies