Infection Prevention and Control

Staffing Resources

      • Criteria for Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel with SARS-CoV-2 Infection (Interim Guidance) UPDATED August 10, 2020
      • Mitigate Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages, includes return to work criteria - UPDATED July 17, 2020
      • Interim Guidance for Implementing Safety Practices for critical Infrastructure Workers Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 - REVIEWED September 11, 2020
      • Stress and Coping - REVIEWED July 1, 2020


      • Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic - UPDATED October 21, 2020
      • Check the CDC's Traveler's Health Notices for the latest guidance and recommendations for each country - REVIEWED October 21, 2020
      • Recommendations after Travel-Associated COVID-19 Exposure - REVIEWED October 19, 2020

Healthcare Professional Resources

Contact Tracing

      • Contact Tracing - Reviewed September 1, 2020
      • Contact Tracing: Part of a Multipronged Approach to Fight COVID-19 - REVIEWED October 21, 2020
      • COVID-19 Contract Tracing Training Guidance and Resources - REVIEWED September 3, 2020

Homelessness Resources


Find more CDC resources here.

      • Medicaid Changes in Response to COVID-19 
        Both North Dakota and South Dakota Medicaid offices have issued guidance for changes to their Medicaid programs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and response. One noted change is that both states will be reimbursing telehealth visits from a patient’s home. Please visit the FAQ pages for North Dakota Department of Human Services (NDDHS) for information specific to ND’s changes and the South Dakota Department of Social Services (SDDSS) for information specific to SD’s changes.  

      • 1135 waivers:
        Section 1135 waivers enable state Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) to waiver certain Medicaid rules in order to meet health care needs during times of disaster and crisis. Section 1135 waivers require both a declaration of national emergency or disaster by the president under the National Emergencies Actor the Stafford Actand a public health emergency determination by the HHS secretary under Section 319 of the Public Health Service ActBoth of those criteria have been met.  

        1135 CMS Waiver – North Dakota - UPDATED March 24, 2020
        1135 CMS Waiver – South Dakota - UPDATED March 19, 2020

        Several changes were made to Medicaid as a result of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act enacted by Congress. One major change was a temporary increase to the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP). There are several requirements that go along with this increase that can be found here.

      • The following health plans in North Dakota and South Dakota programs have announced that they are expanding reimbursement for telehealth visits.
        • Here is the North Dakota BCBS Guidance. - UPDATED April 9, 2020
        • Here is the Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield Guidance. - UPDATED April 9, 2020
        • Here is Avera Health Plans guidance - UPDATED April 9, 2020
        • Here is the Sandford Health Plan guidance (telehealth begins on pg 5) - UPDATED April 9, 2020
        • Here is the North Dakota Medicaid Guidance for telehealth. - UPDATED April 9, 2020
        • Here is the South Dakota Medicaid Guidance for telehealth. - UPDATED April 9, 2020
        • Click here for CMS Medicare Guidance for Telehealth
        • Click here for a list of services reimbursable by medicare telehealth.

      • For those health centers that are working to quickly stand up a telehealth program, please feel free to reach out to Kyle Mertens at [email protected] or 605-351-0604. He is also planning an open discussion on telehealth that will allow health centers to share questions, concerns, barriers and best practices. 

      • OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19  - UPDATED March 2020 
      • OHSA issued temporary enforcement guidance on health care respiratory protection annual fit-testing for N95 filtering facepieces during the COVID-19 outbreak. - UPDATED March 14, 2020
      • For information on preserving your PPE supply, click here - UPDATED March 6, 2020
      • All requests for PPE from the South Dakota Department of Health (SDDOH) must be emailed to [email protected], faxed to 605-773-5942, or called into 605-773-3048 to ensure prioritization and coordination of requests
      • All requests for PPE and other supplies in North Dakota should be done through the ND Health Alert Network (HAN) Asset catalog system at
      • Businesses that have the capability to help with fit testing

North Dakota
The North Dakota Insurance Department issued several bulletins to guide insurance coverage for both insurance providers and consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

      • First bulletin addressed coverage for COVID-19 testing. - UPDATED March 11 , 2020
      • Third bulletin was issued ordering insurance companies to follow the same telehealth guidance issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. - UPDATED March 24, 2020
      • ND Insurance Department information on health insurance and COVID-19.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is waiving any co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance for testing and treatment of COVID-19. They also have expanded coverage in areas of telehealth, prescription drug coverage and others. Visit their website for more information. 

Sanford Health Plan
Sanford Health Plan is offering expanded coverage for members during the COVID-19 emergency. Office visits, tests, treatment are all covered services. Visit their website for more information.
Avera Health Plans
If COVID-19 testing is ordered by a provider, it will be covered 100%, including related office visit, whether it happens in a physician’s office, urgent care center or emergency department.
Will waive member copays, co-insurance and deductibles for in-network COVID-19 testing and inpatient hospital care.