Supervisor Leadership Academy 

September - October 2020

Presented by Ann Hogan Consulting, the Supervisor Leadership Academy is 
comprised of multiple webinars focusing on leadership style, 
cohesive teams, critical conversations, retention, recognition, and 
employment law. This six-part weekly training series is for people managers at 
every level. It is designed for a consistent cohort of supervisors and 
managers to attend the training series together so they can build 
the familiarity and trust needed for shared learning. It will 
also be a great way to get to know some of your CHAD peers!

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 Patients First:

How Health Centers Can Identify Socioeconomic
Needs And Implement PRAPARE

October 2020 - March 2021

This collaborative learning series, presented by the Association of Asian Pacific
Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO), will equip health center teams to
effectively use the PRAPARE model for collecting and using social determinant
of health data. October sessions will assist in identifying and preparing health
center teams to assess their readiness to implement a new data collection
initiative on socioeconomic needs and circumstances. Following the first two
sessions, the series will move into coaching calls with each health center
team and continue into 2021 with guided implementation
of the PRAPARE toolkit.

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Patient Portal Optimization
Peer Learning Series

September - December 2020
February 2021

This four-part monthly series will explain why it is
important to optimize the patient portal,
provide portal training resources
for staff
and considerations for increasing portal functionality, and will
assist with eliciting staff and patient feedback to maximize patient engagement. 
Facilitated by Health Information Technology, Evaluation, 
and Quality Center (HITEQ), this series will be a 
peer learning opportunity to learn how others are using different
portal features
and engaging patients to use the portal.
The intended audience for this series is 
health information
technology (HIT) staff, front desk
and clinical leads. It
will be offered to
both CHAD members and members of
the Great
Plains Health Data Network.

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 Numbing The Pain:
Implementing Seeking Safety for Trauma 
and/or Substance Abuse Treatment

October 2020 

Seeking Safety is an evidence-based treatment for trauma and substance 
use disorders. Presented by Treatment Innovations, this virtual training series will 
occur over the course of five weeks with two-hour training blocks each week. 
Participants will learn about the connection between SUD and trauma, including 
statistics, models of treatment, and clinical challenges. This series is intended 
for behavioral health providers, peer support specialists, case managers, 
and MAT treatment teams.

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