Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas 

Welcome to the Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas (CHAD) website!

CHAD is a Primary Care Association (PCA) that takes pride in working with Community Health Centers (CHCs) in the Dakotas. CHCs are non-profit, community-driven and serve as economic engines for local economies. CHCs offer a unique model with proven results for high quality, cost-effective care customized to benefit the patient and communities being served. CHAD works with CHC members and other community leaders to find solutions for improving healthcare options in areas of the Dakotas that need it most. 


The CHC Difference 

A few facts on how CHCs are different from other primary care providers:

  • Medical and behavioral/mental health services are offered at every CHC site
  • Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and uninsured patients are all accepted
  • Health Center patients must be the majority on the governing Board of Directors
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History of CHCs

Tidbits about how CHCs started and have shaped our communities:

  • CHCs have been around for 50 years - beginning in 1965
  • Created in areas across the U.S. where health needs were neglected
  • Have saved countless lives and strengthen communities across the nation
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