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3. Management and Finance
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  1. Key Management Staff:
    Health center must maintain a fully staffed health center management team as appropriate for the size and needs of the center. Prior review of final candidates for Project Director/Executive Director/CEO position is required (Section 330(k)(3)(H)(ii) of the PHS Act and 45 CFR Part 74.25 (c)(2), (3)).

  2. Contractual/Affiliation Agreements:
    Health center exercises appropriate oversight and authority over all contracted services, including assuring that any subrecipient(s) meets Health Center Program requirements (Section 330(k)(3)(I)(ii) and 42 CFR Part 51c.303(n), (t)).

  3. Collaborative Relationships:
    Health center makes an effort to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with other health care providers, including other health centers, in the service area of the center. Interested section 330 applicants must secure a letter of support from the existing health center(s) in the service area or provide an explanation for why such a letter of support cannot be obtained (Section 330(k)(3)(B) of the PHS Act).

  4. Financial Management and Control Policies:
    Health center maintains accounting and internal control systems appropriate to the size and complexity of the organization reflecting Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and separates functions appropriate to organizational size to safeguard assets. Assures that an annual independent financial audit is performed in accordance with Federal audit requirements, addressing all reportable/material weaknesses in the Audit Report (Section 330(k)(3)(D), Section 330(q) of the PHS Act and 45 CFR Part 74.21).

  5. Billing and Collections:
    Health center has systems in place to maximize collections and reimbursement for costs related to providing health services, including written billing, credit, and collection policies and procedures (Section 330(k)(3)(F) and (G) of the PHS Act).

  6. Budget:
    Health center has developed a budget that reflects the costs of operations, expenses, and revenues (including the Federal grant) necessary to accomplish the service delivery plan, including the number of patients to be served (Section 330(k)(3)(D), Section 330(k)(3)(I)(i), and 45 CFR Part 74.25).

  7. Program Data Reporting Systems:
    Health center has systems which accurately collect and organize data for program reporting and which support management decision making (Section 330(k)(3)(I)(ii) of the PHS Act).

  8. Scope of Project:
    Health center maintains their funded scope of project (i.e., sites, services, service area, target population and providers), including any increases based on recent grant awards (45 CFR Part 74.25).


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